British Steam Train Pictures

Welcome to our Steam Train Gallery where you will find the most diverse range of Great British Steam Locomotives and Preserved Railways across the country. These photos have been taken by a group of steam enthusiasts over the past 50 years. Some of the earliest photographs in our galleries were taken during the early days of Steam Preservation, this also includes a select few of the late Dai Woodham's Barry Scrapyard where so many steam locos found running on today's preservation railways were saved - they should have been scrapped but they were saved from the cutters yard. We also have many photos showing these locomotives at different stages of their restoration over the years from their scrapyard condition to their former glory pulling fare paying passengers over different areas of Great Britain. Our image gallery captures these magnificent steam engines in operation from the British Rail Network to small preserved, privately run railways.

In addition to our older photographs, we continue to develop our gallery by visiting British heritage railways, galas and mainline events to ensure we keep up to date with the latest developments, news and restorations. Geographically, a number of our enthusiasts are based in the Hereford area, therefore many of the mainline steam engine photographs are based in and around the Herefordshire area. This also includes a select few images of the former Bulmers Railway Heritage Centre which closed in 1990. The centre was a base for steam operations at the time as it was the former home of the 6000 Locomotive Association. The former GWR locomotive 6000 King George V was based at the Bulmers Heritage Centre during the years it remained open. In 1969 a ban was enforced, stopping all steam trains from operating on the British Mainline Network. King George V was the first loco to break this ban when it travelled the line in 1971. This return to mainline by King George V has been credited to re-opening the door to all mainline steam operations of subsequent years up to modern day.

In our Gallery, you can browse through various British Steam Train photographs from black and white to colour images. We have used our imaginations and created some rare images which are a combination of photography and art, these photos have been enhanced for your enjoyment.

Gallery 3

Welcome to Gallery 3 of our diverse range of steam train pictures taken by Steven Dyer Gallery, a steam enthusiast and photographer from Herefordshire. Within this photo gallery, you will find pictures of a selection of steam locomotives of the former Great Western Railways (GWR), London Midland and Scottish Railways (LMS), Southern Railways (SR), London North Eastern Railways (LNER) and British Railways (BR).